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  • Michael Obuchowski, Ph.D.

Merlin Asset Management Named Top Large Cap Growth Manager in Broadridge Best Money Managers Ranking

Merlin Large Cap Growth Equity (MO50) ranked #1 out of 188 investment strategies by Broadridge Best Money Managers Powered by Lipper for 4 quarters ending 9/30/2017

Merlin Large Cap Growth Equity (MO50) has been recognized as the top money manager (1st out of 188 managers) by Broadridge Best Money Managers powered by Lipper in the US Large Cap Growth category for the last four quarters ending 9/30/2017. The strategy’s return of 31.59% surpassed the category average of 20.5665%. Merlin’s Large Cap Growth Equity (MO50) strategy was also ranked (5th out of 199 managers) for one quarter, (4th out of 177 managers) for 12 quarters and (5th out of 157 managers) for 20 quarters ending 9/30/2017. Broadridge Best Money Managers is a comprehensive survey of institutional money managers.

“We are very pleased by Broadridge Best Money Manager’s recognition of Merlin’s Large Cap Growth equity investment strategy. With several of Merlin’s investment strategies reaching 5-year track record, such recognition validates Merlin’s structured investment process providing consistent exposure to the best large cap growth equity companies,” said Michael Obuchowski, Ph.D., Chief Investment Officer of Merlin Asset Management. “With changing market and economic conditions, we believe that Merlin’s investment strategies will continue to successfully offer true active equity management for both individual and institutional investors.”

Merlin Asset Management investment strategies follow a structured investment process designed to minimize the effects of emotional and behavioral biases. Merlin’s investment process objectives include:

  • Utilizing a structured, repeatable investment process combining bottom-up, top-down and quantitative evaluation with a focus on valuation relative to expected long-term growth rates.

  • Seeking low portfolio turnover and a long-term time investment horizon.

  • Enabling the portfolio manager to use an established, repeatable and scalable process that seeks to outperform the large cap growth equity universe over an economic cycle.

About Merlin Asset Management Merlin Asset Management is an independent, employee-owned investment management firm. Merlin specializes in developing and managing equity investment strategies focused on investing in the best US listed large cap growth companies. Merlin Asset Management's large cap growth equity strategies are benchmark agnostic and are characterized by high conviction, high active share and low turnover. Merlin's investment strategies are offered as Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) and as an active Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

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Broadridge Best Money Managers Best Money Managers presents the latest quarterly performance results compiled from SMAs and Mutual Funds. Broadridge measures the top managers’ returns, net of fees, and includes investment managers nationwide that reported US Large Cap Growth Equity returns in the MarketPlace Investment Manager Database for the entire period. Performance in over 40 investment styles ranked for the latest quarter as well as one, three, five and ten-year periods.

To find out more about Broadridge Best Money Managers, visit: For full PRWeb Press Release, click HERE

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